Our Services

Self Service Wash

Our Self Serve Dog Wash includes everything you need to wash your dog!  We feature semi-private wash stations, dog-designed tubs, and we provide you with all the professional supplies to get the job done right.  Aprons, towels, brushes, combs and powerful dryers make it easy, convenient and fun. Everything with you and your pet's comfort in mind!

Full Service Wash

Like a visit to the spa! The most thorough and relaxing bath experience your dog or cat will ever have. We massage the natural shampoo deep into the coat for a luxurious shine. From tail to nose your pet will be squeaky clean and dry.  With nail trimming and ear cleaning your pet will feel like a million bucks.

Professional De-Shed

If you are constantly cleaning up hair, our professional de-shedding service is the answer to your prayers. Our speci-lized tools and techniques can remove 90% of the dull, dead under-coat and leave your pet glowing!  Long or shorthaired breeds all benefit from the use of our professional Oster rake and hand "carding".  You will be amazed at the amount of hair that can be removed.  Service includes bath, comfortable and warm dry, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Full Service Grooming

Our custom designed clipper vacuum system ensures a smooth cut as well as keeping the clipper blades cool.  Pads are cleaned of excess hair, a sanitary shave and style, cut to your choice, will leave your pet feeling fresh and happy. All grooming includes bath, dry, nail trimming and ear cleaning.